Selective Insurance

Ly Insurance facilitates an entirely new segment in the commercial insurance

Selective Insurance is the term for insurance contracts with customers who have great respect for the human and material values ​​the company manages.

This focus on important values ​​has already today given your company a position as a very good and profitable non-life insurance customer. Through the Selective Insurance program in Ly Insurance, your company together with others will be “rewarded” for value focus.

As a Selective Insurance customer, your company gets its own portfolio manager, with its own team that has high competence and broad experience in all areas of insurance technology. Using an in-house developed risk assessment tool, the portfolio manager together with the company analyzes values ​​and risk. Based on the analysis, we will be able to offer your company, correct coverage at the best conditions. To be classified as a Selective Insurance company, the company must score better than the average for the current industry.. A Selective Insurance company obtains insurance conditions that are significantly better than today